Saturday, February 07, 2004

This is my second post. I'm testing that the blog is published, and that I know the path through log in and making a post.
I have been studying and design the shapes and forms of goggle design and then expressing them in digital grpahic form for the past ten years.

Prior to that I designed lighting systems and lighting forms.

Over the past twenty-five years of scultpture, form design, product design, raising a son, and learning the intricacies of advanced 3D modelling software, I have developed a distinct design aeshteic.

I focus on products that involve curves, plastic form, and the types of material that holds that form. I express my visual aesthetics of those shapes in colour and some of the most subtle of curves going.

I have started this blog to begin exploring how to express the preceding four parargraphs in an online personality and identity.

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